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From Behind The Desk At A House Party

Three hours before a home turns into an arena of festivity, the Son Sound team already explored the room. We knew what was needed to make this event go down really well; three separate areas – a conversation/sitting area, the bar and the dance floor. The challenge was to ensure that everyone will experience the same vibe in each of these areas.

The choice of speakers and lighting were based on coverage requirements and the size of the venue. We decided to set up a nifty DJ booth and illuminated its white cover with mood lights from the inside. We installed moving heads from the frontside to cover the side walls. The crisp sound of dBTechnologies’ 2×15” bass-pins and 15” tops were used to flood the venue. The oil-based haze machine disbursed a thin layer of smoke that filled the room and captured the mood lights, painting the room and the walls in a wash of vibrant colours.

When all was set up and ready, the guests’ conversations were abruptly interrupted by the DJ’s countdown – three, two, one – boom… and the sound and strobe lights took the night away.

While some guests were showing off their best dance moves in what turned into a Gatsby club dance floor from the 1920’s. The lighting and exhilarating sounds from the 10” speaker tops at the sitting and bar areas enthralled some guests to dance on the couches and bar table. Guests danced to the rhythm the DJ created by spinning his Pioneer decks, and also to the sing-along songs guests sang through the microphone we provided. We sat in awe watching the minutes fly by while people let go and really enjoyed themselves. That is what makes it worth our efforts… it is a great reward.

As always, the Son Sound team will make sure our client gets the best equipment their budget can afford – and we usually through in something extra anyway.

Why not elevate your house party to something extraordinary… the Son Sound team is within your reach! 

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