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Rent vs Buy?

Quality sound and lighting equipment are extremely expensive. If you host an occasional event it is much cheaper to rent than to purchase. If you have a venue where you continually host events (say more than 15-30 per year), or need a permanent (fixed) installation for a conference hall or such, we recommend that you purchase your own equipment. We offer products both for rent and for sale. Contact us HERE for professional advice and a quotation for fixed installations.

Who will set up the equipment I rent?

We have a qualified setup/breakdown team that ensures that your selected package is set up professionally and functions optimally. This also prevents you from being kept liable for damages during the setup.

Can I operate the equipment myself?

Yes, provided that you have proof of official training or extensive experience with the equipment you rent. If not, you can hire our qualified sound and lighting engineers who will manage your sound and lighting professionally to create the desired quality sound and lighting effects.

How do I know the sound equipment I rent will be adequate for my event?

If you are unsure about what equipment to rent, contact our consultant who will provide guidance and advice. Our friendly and competent consultant may assess your venue to be able to package the correct equipment for your specific venue and your requirements.

Can We play our own music?

The choice of music ultimately remains with you, our valued customer. We strive to create the vibe you desire, which in many instances requires the use of personal playlists and requests. We are equipped to play music from your devices as well as our sources.

What are “Extra Options”?

Extra Options are items or services that we at SON SOUND recommend adding to your selected package to enhance the performance of the equipment you selected. The services under Extra Options are performed by professional and qualified staff that will ensure flawless execution of your event. These services may include our Setup Crew, Sound/Lighting Engineer, DJs, or an MC.

How do I book equipment and your services?

You can easily select and reserve equipment using our user-friendly online booking system. The system will show what equipment is still available for your event dates, from where you can secure your booking with online payment. If you are not sure of what equipment and services you need, get quick support from hands-on consultants – the number is at the top of our web pages.

Do you provide customised packages?

We provide several standard packages (see PA Systems) which are assembled to suit events of different sizes and types (ie. conference, party, concert). You can add equipment to any standard packages to enhance the sound and lighting effects for your event. We also provide a free service where we assess the requirements of your specific venue, which enables us to recommend the right equipment and assemble a custom package to those requirements.

What kind of events do you cater for?

We cater for a wide range of events - from a white covered DJ-booth at a wedding, or making disturbing noises on a mic at your mother-in-law’s birthday party (just kidding), or a full-blown concert setup with engineers setting up stages, trussing, sound, lighting, and special effects that will blow your audience away. We can confidently cater for all events. we just need the specifications of the indoor and outdoor venue and we will take it from there, creating the perfect mood and music and look & feel with a neat setup from our side at your ideal event.

Can you create different vibes for different events?

Absolutely. Our team will augment the mood and vibe with an accurate combination of sound, lighting, and special effects to reverberate the perfect ambiance for your event. Whether it is an elegant lounge atmosphere or an energetic disco mood, our competent team will harmoniously infuse the sound, lighting, and special effects to induce your audience/guests into the mood you want.

Is there a breakage fee?

The equipment we rent out is extremely expensive. Apart from the refundable deposit (which we refund to you when you return our equipment without damage), there is a Breakage Fee. The Breakage Fee simply states – You break, You buy (pay the equipment you break and keep it).

What happens when I go over the initial rental time?

If you overshoot the initial rental period for any equipment or services, and that equipment or services were not rented to another customer, our management will consult with you a fee per hour to cover the over-time rental period. If your rented equipment and/or services were booked by another customer directly following your rental period, we will notify you in advance that you are NOT ALLOWED to overshoot your rental period. If you still overshoot the rental period in the latter case, you could be facing legal charges to recover our damages.

Can you provide all the needed equipment for live bands?

We are affiliated with 2 studios (one recording studio and one live rehearsal room) that are just a plug-in away from playing with your band. Apart from having all the required front-of-house PA systems and lighting, we also have a wide variety of on-stage gear and equipment, ranging from stage monitor wedges to mics, mic stands, cables, DI boxes, snake boxes, drums, guitar amps, and much more…

Is your team qualified?

Yes. Read more about our team to familiarise yourself with our entire team who has gained much experience and knowledge over the years necessary to plan and execute the events we cater for smoothly and with detailed perfection.

What studios do you have?

We have a recording studio and a live rehearsal room, with state-of-the-art equipment readily available to any artist. Head over to Son Studios for more information.

Who is Son Studios?

Son Studios is a big part of why we do what we do. We are artists ourselves that bestowed our lives to this industry. Everything is based on our sound waves. Head over to Son Studios for more information.