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Recording/Production Studio

Recording & Production Studio

Our intimate recording studio is acoustically well isolated and equipped with the latest audio production software, technology and tools. Our team of highly skilled audio professionals are at your disposal or assistance with your next project, however small or large.

We maintain high standards in providing an all inclusive service, in a professional facility for music production, voice over recordings, mastering, composing, arranging, MIDI, video production, photo and video shoots, live streaming, and access to the finest professional talent in the Industry.

Apart from the top-quality equipment, you’ll also need our team of music producers, studio engineers, mixing/mastering engineers, and even songwriters and musicians who are part of the Son Studios Team and services we offer. Here at Son Studios, we can accommodate any of your recording needs with cutting-edge equipment, world-class equipment in a comfortable environment.

Typical customers using our studios:

  • Artists (production and song recordings)
  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Song Writers
  • Musicians
  • Businesses (ie. Advertisement recordings)
  • Voice Artists

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All hours:
R800/hour (Sound Engineer Included)

Studio days are Monday-Saterday only
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