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Son Studios

Son Studios

At Son Studios, we provide cutting-edge equipment and competent engineers to accommodate any of your projects in a comfortable environment.

If you’re looking for a rehearsal, recording, or production studio for your project, we’ve got you covered! Our studios, located in Waterkloof Heights in Pretoria, offer a comfortable working space for talent, engineers, directors, and producers. In addition, we have charming and relaxing patios where you can unwind, have a drink, and make a phone call, knowing that your production is in good hands. You can rent our studios for a minimum of two hours, a full day, or an entire week. Whether you need to rehearse, create a voice-over demo reel, a radio commercial, or a video piece that requires killer sound design and music, our studios are the ideal place to be. Setting up is fast and easy – just let us know what you need when placing your booking, and we’ll make sure the studio is ready by the time you arrive.

Rehearsal Studio

Our rehearsal studio at Son Studios is spacious, air-conditioned, and isolated for your comfort. It is equipped with high-quality equipment such as backline, drums, monitors, amps, DI-boxes, microphones, and more. Additionally, the studio can also be used as a recording studio. Book your next band practice with Son Studios today.

Recording & Production Studio

Our intimate recording studio is acoustically isolated and equipped with the latest audio production software, technology, and tools. Our team of highly skilled audio professionals is at your disposal and ready to assist with your next project, no matter how small or large.

Reasons to use Son Studios


Our studios are located in a peaceful and serene environment, offering pure comfort and state-of-the-art technology. They effectively block out external noise, thanks to the comprehensive acoustic treatment of every surface. This ensures that any reverberation is eliminated, and your rehearsal experience, as well as the quality and integrity of our final mixed audio, are maximized.


In today's highly competitive market for rehearsal space and content production, new technology has made content creation and design accessible to all. As we enter this era of do-it-yourself content creation, Son Studios remains committed to providing professional services at an affordable price.


Do you need an extra tag after hours, and you need it urgently? No need to wait for the next business day. We understand the urgency of the situation and strive to give our clients peace of mind with a job well done and delivered on time. You can easily reach us anytime via email, phone, and WhatsApp.

Self Producing

Here, nobody tells you what to do beyond some general priorities and creative inputs. This is your project, and you are the producer - only if you want to be. Alternatively, we are more than happy to produce your project for you, as we have done many times for countless customers.

High Tech

At Son Studios, we employ cutting-edge audio editing and mixing equipment that is renowned for its exceptional sonic quality, speed, and flexibility. Our systems are fully compatible with almost all open media standards, making them perfect for audio and video sweetening projects.


As professionals in the audiovisual industry and artists ourselves, we understand the importance of dependable, high-quality, and professional service. At Son Studios, we take pride in providing reliable and highly professional services without any corporate hindrances. Our streamlined, hands-on approach enables us to deliver more in less time.


Aside from our own team, Son Studios has access to a carefully chosen pool of talented professionals, each with years of experience under their belt. From writers, directors, and producers to voice-over agents, video editors, sound designers, mixers, marketers, and more, you are in good hands with us.


At Son Studios, no project is too small or too big. We work on small web videos for half a day, as well as music albums or commercials that may take multiple days or weeks to produce. We collaborate with just the right people to ensure that the job is completed and delivered as expected, giving you peace of mind.

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