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An Elated 21st Birthday Bash

Arriving at the hidden paradise of Woodhill Country Club, taking in the amazing view of lakes, trees and hills, we realise that we are in for a breath-taking function. The combined work of both Son Sound and the decorators made for a warm intimate party function.

The hall in which the function took place was beautifully decorated with floral expeditions, balloon arches complimented with mood light setup by our Team, and of course an invitingly illuminated dance floor. The festivities started with a Happy Birthday video that consisted of hilarious, but also warm emotional memories of the birthday girl and her childhood, followed by some hart warming speeches from close family and friends, expressing their gratitude. 

Thereafter the guests were served with a mouth-watering catered meal provided by the club’s catering. The dinner scene was set perfectly by the Son Sound team playing appropriate music to accommodate the joyful table chatter and slow panning mood lights. With dinner and the cake cutting ceremony out of the way, we got to express our magic and show our shine. This is the phase of an event that gets our hearts pumping – setting the perfect party environment with adequate volume and light control, perfectly synchronised to satisfy the crowd’s swelling excitement. The guests embraced a communal clubbing mood, from the elder family members to the attending friends, all joined in for a disco. We immediately went from semi-formal dinner to strobe lights and dance battles.

From behind the desk Son Sound’s experienced sound engineer, Willem Bronkhorst, kept a hawks eye on the crowd, sending them all the right frequencies, being fervent to satisfy preferred song requests. With the state of the art dBTechnologies sound system setup of 2x 15” tops and a 18” sub, running through an Allen & Heath Qu24 mixing desk, the crisp sound waves fill the hall with perfectly balanced tones.

The Son Sound team enjoyed working with incredible people on this occasion, who all contributed to have made this event a successful and memorable event. 

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